Irvington schools take annual ‘snapshot’ of Hudson

On Thursday morning, more than 150 Irvington Middle School sixth graders will participate in the 11th annual “A Day in the Life of the Hudson River” and collect data from the Hudson River. They will partner with Joanna Morabito's high school marine biology class to study and research the Hudson River Estuary at mile 25, otherwise known as Matthiessen Park. Topics will include water chemistry, study of actual fish and other living organisms, and the natural beauty of the river using art and journal writing. With sixth-grade science teachers Philip Levine and Amy Panitz on hand, the group will use a seining net to collect living river specimens that will be identified, measured, and observed before being released back into the river. 


This “snapshot” of the river takes place up and down the Hudson River with hundreds of other schools participating and sharing data results. For more info, including a look at previous years’ data, check out the event's website at: http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/edu/k12/snapshotday/ .




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