Wisconsin's Walker Walks Tall

Look for this union label: End of an Error. Public unions are getting the thumbs-down message from a fed-up public.

Governor Scott Walker won his recall vote in Wisconsin.  He not only won, but he cleaned the clock of his opponents.  He beat Democratic challenger Tom Barrett and he beat unions -- municipal, private, state and national -- who sent money and people.

He won despite a greater voter turnout than in 2010 and also by a greater margin of victory. He won by more than the margin of polling error, he won by more than the margin of fraud. If you do not think same-day registration and voting, as Wisconsin allows, lends itself to fraud, you are wrong. 

You are being told that Walker won by outspending his opponents.  Not quite true.  He did spend more money, but if you count the manpower shipped into Wisconsin by the unions, the spending evens out.  Time is money. What won were ideas. 

Read on by clicking here. Then tell us if you agree with Bazzo.

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Mark Carolla June 27, 2012 at 04:34 AM
You're correct, means little to NY & nationally depends on your political viewpoint. To quibbIe a bit, I think the main reason Gov. Walker won, Mr. Bazzo, is because Wisconsin voters did not think his stance on unions, no matter how they disagreed, merited a recall. The issue was collective bargaining in the state that invented it, not salaries. His attacking collective bargaining was merely symbolic because for public servants can bargain all they want but they can't strike (at least at the federal level & many other jurisdictions) & Reagan showed what happens when they do. Significant numbers of voters simply felt he went too far; & their buyer's remorse will endure. As for special interests, his pulling the plug on passenger rail in the region caused voter ire. If you follow the money, Walker received significant bucks from highway construction interests hoping to cash in on federal and state passenger rail revitalization money. This not only was an economic setback to the Chicago-Milwaukee-Madison-Minneapolis corridor, but also was killing an in-state Talgo rail car factory building trains for Wisconsin which is a loss of jobs for the state.
James Adnaraf December 29, 2012 at 12:04 AM
Recall is the wrong tactic. It was wrong in California when they dumped Governor Davis. Recall is for law breaking, or violations of the oath of office. Not liking a policy is not what recalls should be used for.


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