San Diego-based Rock Band ‘SLEDD’ has Roots in Rivertowns

The band, which has been together 18 years, just signed its first record deal.

Sledd will release its fourth album "Get Rich Quick Scheme" in February 2014. Photo provided.
Sledd will release its fourth album "Get Rich Quick Scheme" in February 2014. Photo provided.

Growing up in Hastings and Irvington, brothers Peter and Dino DeLuke’s passion for music was instilled in them by their father, Peter DeLuke Sr., who was the Hastings-on-Hudson School District’s music department chairman from 1960-1985.

The two took that passion with them to the west coast in 1985. Ten years later they found vocalist Cary Rothman, guitarist Kevin Michael, and bassist Ronnie Hough to form the groove oriented alternative rock band “Sledd” in San Diego.

Just recently, years of mastering its unique sound and touring with the likes of rock greats like Tesla, Gilby Clark, UFO, Filter, among others, is finally paying off. The band signed its first record deal – a worldwide, multi-release deal with the label HighVolMusic – in front of a sold out crowd at Ramona Mainstage in Ramona, CA on Nov. 10.

“It was a dream come true,” Peter Jr. said. “It took us 18 years to find someone who wanted to share our sound the way we wanted it to be heard. We have hit songs and we know it. And so does HighVol.”

In February 2014, Sledd will release its fourth album, dubbed “Get Rich Quick Scheme,” with the hope of taking the rock industry by storm, which would help them get rich – quick.  

“This album is our best work to date,” Peter Jr. said. “We know it has what it takes to win a Grammy, and that’s our goal. People will think we’re crazy when we say that, but that’s okay. We’re on a mission to restore rock n’ roll, to bring rock back to its glory days. We’re that band.”

That confidence can be found in any of the band’s five members.

“Sledd is just good hard rock,” Rothman said. “We have a lot of influences, and we think we’ve put them all together in a way that hasn’t really been done yet.”

While Rothman, Michael and Hough hail from Colorado and California, the DeLuke brothers made sure everyone in the band shared their musical vision, which spawned from a northeast upbringing. With an ill mother who needed great doctors, Peter Jr. and Dino spent many years bouncing in between New York City, Irvington and Hastings-on-Hudson.

“Sledd definitely has that New York attitude,” Dino said. “Growing up in New York and Westchester was a huge part of our childhood. And our father, who’s a music legend around there, had a lot to do with us getting involved in music in the first place.”

With a busy 2014 agenda on the horizon, Sledd hopes to sell records and tour for a purpose. HighVolMusic and the band recently partnered together with Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies Epilepsy Foundation, and Voxox, Inc. to help save lives and end the stigma that surrounds epilepsy. The foundation was founded in honor of Dr. Alfronsina Davies, who had epilepsy all of her life, which ended suddenly at the hands of the disease at the age of 52.

“We figure if we’re sharing our music and touring, why not do so with a cause?” Rothman said.

It’s that type of thinking that could help restore rock n’ roll.

For more information about Sledd, visit its Facebook page and its website. To give the band a listen, visit its Reverbnation page


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