Rivertowns Biz Snippets: 'Food For Thought's' Organic Chocolate, Pet Foods and Stellar Service

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In honor of its 40th anniversary this spring, Hastings' recently got a facelift—outside the store, that is. Everything on the inside is just as organic, reasonably-priced and healthful as it has been since 1972.

Owner Dwight Burke and his sister Tracy Burke-Pearson are extremely proud of the merchandise they sell inside their tiny-but-tightly-packed Spring Street shop.

From top-of-the line vitamins and lotions to gluten-free pancake mixes and organic pet food, they have everything a health nut could ever crave. 

Even the health nuts' kids don't have to feel like they're being dragged (unwillingly) down the road to bodily purification, with Food for Thoughts' offerings like: kid-friendly, animal-shaped, gluten-free pastas and Annie's organic mac & cheese. (There are also lots of relatively healthful snack foods and munchies for the mindful...who also crave something in the genre of Oreo cookies once in a while.)

Besides vitamins, Food For Thought carries homeopathic remedies, medicinal teas and a selection of energy bars that could get Lance Armstrong through another Tour de France. 

Burke-Pearson is particularly excited about one of their newest offerings: 70 percent cocoa Green & Black European chocolate bars—in lots of different varieties. (Her favorite is the cherry.)

Her brother is happy to be able to serve the community in a manner as organic as the products he sells.

"If our bananas become overripe, we give them to Helene (Godin) of  By the Way Bakery to use in her baked goods," he said. "In return, we get some of her goodies in return."

Burke is also excited about his collaboration with Comfort Reataurant, selling his organic tofu for their vegetarian dishes. 

"Really, though, if you had to highlight one thing about this store, it's our customer service," Burke said. "We're small; we know our customers by name. And the prices are competitive with the bigger chain stores." 

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Lizzie Hedrick February 16, 2012 at 09:16 PM
I thought I could only get my awesome medicinal ginger tea at Whole Foods. I'm so happy to be able to get it here in Hastings!!
Hope Holiner February 17, 2012 at 12:56 PM
I have been a happy patron of Food for Thought since I moved to Hastings in 1987!! At that time, Dwight and Tracy's parents ran the store. Sue welcomed everyone warmly (especially in Spring when she adorned the doorway with a colorful ribbon door curtain), and Richard packed orders and made deliveries. Dwight and Tracy continue the tradition. We are so lucky to have Food for Thought in our village!!
Dwight Burke February 17, 2012 at 08:17 PM
thanks Hope its loyal customers like yourself that keeps us going in the town of hastings on Hudson!


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