White Plains Man Wins $1 Million on Scratch-Off at City CITGO

James Dilworth, a 62-year-old mechanic at New Rochelle Nissan, bought his ticket at JKSG CITGO Station, 124 So. Lexington Ave. in White Plains.

James Dilworth has been playing the lottery at JKSG Station, 124 So. Lexington Ave., everyday since it opened about five years ago—hoping for a chance to win.

“Well, I always hope to win something, but I was losing,” said the 62-year-old White Plains resident.

His stroke of luck came about three weeks ago on a Wednesday morning when he scratched off a Match & Win instant game ticket for $1 million.

“It’s crazy,” said Dharminder Singh, the owner of the CITGO station convenient store where the ticket was sold.

Singh, 47, never imagined he’d be telling Dilworth—a mechanic at New Rochelle Nissan, who visits the store two to three times a day—that he just won a million dollars.

“He didn’t know how much money it was,” said Singh, a Yonkers resident. “I said ‘It’s a million dollars,’ and he said ‘Are you sure?’ He couldn’t believe it!" 

Dilworth—who has lived in White Plains for more than 30 years—played it cool. Singh, admittedly, got more emotional than Dilworth.

“I was hyper,” said Singh. “He was, like, normal.”

“I just take it easy,” said Dilworth. “I was excited. Maybe if it was $30 million, now that’s a lot of money.”

Dilworth, a father of four, will be awarded with an over-sized $1 million prize check tomorrow at JKSG Station, and hopes that, if given the funds in a lump sum, he will be able to purchase a house for him and his wife Rose Dilworth, who currently rent in the city.

In the meantime, Singh says scratch-offs have been selling at his store like hot cakes.

"I feel great, because someone hit a $1 million," said Singh. "People are going crazy, everyone keeps buying them."

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Rafael De Oliveira July 11, 2011 at 09:41 PM
God bless him.


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