Mary Kennedy Family Hires Firm to Investigate Death

The Richardson family reportedly hired private investigators to learn more about the details of her death.

The family of Mary Richardson Kennedy reportedly hired Investigative Group International, a private investigation firm in Washington, to probe the details of according to a New York Post story.

The story states that her husband, Robert Kennedy Jr., has not been accused of any wrongdoing in connection with her death and the Richardson family has not filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against him. The couple had been going through a divorce when Mary Kennedy committed suicide on May 16.

The Post quotes sources as saying they were interviewed by the firm about details of the hanging, such as whether Mary Kennedy was capable of tying a nautical knot for the noose or could have climbed up to a 12-foot beam to tie the rope she used to hang herself in the garage of her Bedford home.

Investigators also asked if any receipts for the purchase of a rope had been found and if any ropes were stored in the barn, The Post reports. According to "communications" the paper obtained, the family also asked the firm to help in “establishing Bobby’s activities and whereabouts in the days preceding Mary’s death.”

During those days, Mary Kennedy asked for help, according to papers released by the Bedford police department. She had taken to spending her days in bed and had asked the caretaker to pray for her, according to the family housekeeper. Details from the RFK, Jr.'s divorce affadavit include allegations that Mary Kennedy was physically abusive to her husband and threatened to kill herself.

Mary Kennedy's death according to the Westchester County Medical Examiner. An autopsy later showed her system had no alcohol in it but had traces of three anti-depressants at the time of her death.

The investigative firm reportedly selected Gary Fishman, a former Manhattan assistant district attorney, to head up the probe which began shortly after Mary Kennedy's death. A spokesperson for IGI declined to comment and told the Post that Fishman had left their company in September.

The Richardson family and Robert Kennedy, Jr. also declined to comment to the Post.

RFK, Jr. recently put the Bedford home where Mary Kennedy hanged herself on the market. The New York Daily News reports that the home already has a buyer.

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Remember Mary Jo November 27, 2012 at 11:26 PM
He hung her he's a Kennedy, remember Mary Jo, the other one Willie Kennedy Smith, the old man was a booze runner, Bobby Kennedy killed Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kennedy, wonder why they murdered him, Rose Kennedy - there's nothing really on her, yet, but we know she's trouble. These Kennedy's they have too much money, they get the best lawyers and they all get off. Except for that fat one with the funny last name who killed the girl with the golf club, but he doesn't really count. And Imagine all the stuff that we never hear about that these Kennedys do, that they lawyers clear up before they are even charged. What about Tom Kennedy, the one "posing"as a regular talk show host, Kennedy from MTV, she's a Kennedy, I don't wanna think about what's she into. George Kennedy, what's he done after "Airport?" Just look at them all, after Mary Jo -- Patrick Kennedy, Kara Kennedy, Doug Kennedy, there's a whole string of these little Kennedys, these Kennedy's had a lot of kids you know. Yeah, they seem pretty flaccid and you wonder why you're focusing on them, but remember Mary Jo, and all the money and Camelot, that's why your focused on them. And this Robert Jr. he may have a high voice, but don't let that fool ya. His wife was a drunk and depressed, yeah, so she killed herself. Right, that adds up. But he'lll get off, cause he's a Kennedy. Oh there just so smug, that's what gets me.


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