What Me Worry? All is Well at Cedar Street Grill

Ah, I get hungry all over again just typing this sentence.

I purposely waited a few months to review Cedar Street Grill. I wanted it to be good, but worried it wouldn’t.

Earlier this year I finally gave up on another Rivertowns pub/restaurant after my meatballs arrived half-cooked. (And the other half weren’t too tasty either.) I was worried Cedar Street Grill was too big, too unlucky, too-too.

What a worry waste.

I could’ve better applied it to something useful, like the future of the Euro. Plus, this place is a Dobbs family affair: mom Cathy (hostess) and her sons Matt (chef) and Joe (boss).

My bride and I have now dined here a half dozen times. Each time we enjoy it more. Last Friday, the place was packed at 9:00p (that’s a good thing). We sidled up to the bar for the seven-minute wait for our table. When it was ready I asked Cathy if I should pay the bartender or if she could stick the drinks on my bill. “Whatever you want, dear,” she answered.

Whatever I want, dear! What an original idea in restaurant-land.

The waiter explained the specials like he actually had seen the food. His trainee nodded in solemn agreement I ordered the crostini with chicken livers, figs and arugula, because the chef is ambitious and I was wearing my experimental hat. They were delicious.

I followed with the fried chicken. I was a fried chicken fan when Colonel Sanders was still Sergeant Sanders; most places get it all wrong; CSG got it all right: crispy, juicy, spicy, nicey. My Isabel had the beet salad and then the wings. Soon she nibbled at my garlic herbed fries until I smacked her hand with my knife. (Hey, Truman Capote used to spit on his food to avoid poachers.)

Did I mention they trust you not to drink too much water, actually placing a big bottle at every table.

I’m sure I had dessert. Something cold, chocolatey, fruity, too. But I glanced away to say hello to the Mayor and, poof, it was gone by the time I looked back.

Here comes the morale: comfort food can be sophisticated and sophisticated food can be comfortable.

Crowd: Sippers and eaters. Young adults and geezers like you and I

Think About:  Trying something new: it’s good for the brain

Don’t Miss: All the people scampering about earnestly, trying to assist your good time

Bring: A pal who appreciates your good taste

Essentials: Cedar Street Grill, 23 Cedar Street, Dobbs    914.674.0706   cedarsgtreetgrillny.com


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