Romney’s Vice Presidential Pick

Don't know who Paul Ryan is? Here's a brief profile that you won't find on television.

Well, all of our neo-conservative, Bush-era Republican friends must be tremendously happy with Mitt Romney’s pick for Vice President. Paul Ryan is as cookie cutter as they come when it comes to having a fascist voting record. What people around the country need to do, but never will, is take it upon themselves to know their Constitution; to know the bills that are being voted on, the content of the bills; to know what prior legislation has done to the country in the past, and where we are heading in the present.

Here is a brief break-down:

- Ryan voted for No Child Left Behind (The Government takeover of Education, and a complete failure mind you.)
- Help set up the groping, molesting, ineffective TSA that is basically there to train the entire country to be subservient to low-level government employees.
- Voted for the Patriot Act, which enhanced Federal powers for warrant-less snooping and privacy invasion. A total 4th Amendment buster.
- Supported the GM bailout, and most bail-outs before he flip-flopped, much like his Presidential running mate tends to do, every other week.
- Supports the NDAA, which allows the secret arrest, indefinite detainment without charge or trial, and killing of citizens.

Now, does this mean that Obama is the better choice for President? Absolutely not, both parties are spearheaded by people who are controlled by the very entities that puppeteered the financial and socio-political collapse of this country. No, not the gays, you silly neo-cons — The Banks.

No matter who you vote for, the off-shore banks, which drain the world of its wealth, and collapse strong economies so that they can mop up assets for pennies on the dollar, are going to be able to continue working. We had a chance with Ron Paul, but you can’t blame people for writing him off when any candidate of substance is given a total mainstream media blackout. The opposite is true for people like Paul Ryan, who no matter what network covers him (whether they are Liberal or Conservative), they will NEVER dive into the real issues like voting record – because they all commit the same acts!

During a break from the Olympics, over the weekend, I was given a total character breakdown of Paul Ryan as soon as news broke that Romney picked him as a running mate. Every network had a full, intricate video montage ready to roll, as if they were introducing a new character in a poorly-produced Cinemax late-night drama.

And what does the common American do? They take the paragraph worth of distorted information on Ryan into their conversations at the local Dunkin Donuts and form their opinions alongside other ill-informed voters.

Articles, like the one you are reading right now, aren’t the way to form opinions either; they are door-openers. Turn off your television and frequent sites like OnTheIssues.org. Know what people have voted for, no matter their political affiliation. STOP being loyal to a political party and START being loyal to your Constitution. Everything on the Television is a distorted, distracting farce. Separate yourself from it.


No comments needed here - I am live, ON-AIR, Tuesday and Thursday nights, 9-10pm EST, straight from Port Chester, on ZenLive.tv. Direct your thoughts to me then, and once again, many thanks to the Patch for letting freedom of speech reign.

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Watchdog August 20, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Gina..it was mailed out to these misfits and the same information is on a lot of different websites. None of it is reliable information. Part of the lying Obama campaign.....Sad but true.
Aidan August 20, 2012 at 09:01 PM
" I swear no allegiance to either of the two parties." A crock.
harris rubinroit August 25, 2012 at 04:35 PM
In the upcoming Sept. 13 Election for the Croton Board of Trustees, it's exciting to see support growing for Kevin Davis' Campaign for the Croton Board. After six years of attending Board Meetings, Kevin, a 3rd-Generation Crotonite, is very knowledgeable on the issues and is determined to make a positive contribution in Croton. During this extremely hot and humid summer, Kevin has been going door-to-door meeting Croton residents and listening to what's on our minds. Kevin understands that rapidly growing taxes must be prevented. The Croton Board needs Kevin's New Ideas and Energy, and an Independent Voice. Go Kevin Davis Go!
Linda Grossman August 31, 2012 at 11:54 PM
I do like people to listen to the different sides and not just stubbornly stick to the far right or far left. Extremism on both sides is FRIGHTENING!!!
New Yorker September 13, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Harris Rubinroit is very outspoken but not too creative. I've seen this same post at least 6 times--even attached to an article about a school board race! If Mr. Davis actually knew what the budget process entails (which he should if he has attended so many board meetings) he would be aware that the proposed budget is submitted by the Village Manager to the Village Board. The trustees must then pare it down to an acceptable size for to retain services and keep taxpayers from over paying. Ann Gallelli and the current VB got the proposed budget down over 5% last year.


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