Cold at The Dobbs Ferry Train Station? Busted Boiler's on the Mend

Station house should reopen next week.

This morning waiting for the train, commuters huddled in heated, glass enclosures in Dobbs Ferry because the station house was closed.

According to Choice Torre, who runs the Waterfront Express coffee bar in the station house, the boiler has been broken for a while.

"As soon as the village found out about it, we sent [t] Jim Dunn down there and determined that the boiler had to be replaced," said Dobbs Ferry Village Administrator Marcus Serrano.

Torre said the installation of the new boiler started Wednesday morning.

"But it's not as simple as ust putting in a boiler; they need to replace he oil and concrete base as well," Serrano said. "There should be heat in the building by early next week."

The work will cost the village $9,000.

Though the running water and heat wn't be respored until next week, Serrano said Dunn would open the building starting Thursday "at least to protect people from the wind."

Luckily, temperatures are expected to rise later this week.

Were you affected by the closure this morning? Did you miss your coffee? Where did you read about the Iowa Caucuses?


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