Unemployment - Take II

Unemployment - Take II - showcases that with the right tools and perseverance you can be productive in your job search.

 I remember my mom handing me a brand new pack of index cards that she bought from Staples on her way home from work. 
    “Record every job, phone number, address, name of contact person and that way you won’t ever forget what job you’ve applied for.”
    I am a person of structure and creature of habit so it was no surprise that this strategy worked well for me.  The amount of jobs to which I have applied far outweigh the responses that I have received but I know that process helped me stay organized and form some solidity in uncertain circumstances.
    I travel 1-2 times a week to go job searching.  I head to Greenwich Library and scramble to find a computer near the window.  I plug in my jumpdrive, my headphones, turn my phone to vibrate and open all the necessary documents and websites I will need to make my trip productive.  Today was no different but in addition to all my electronic appliances, I had my other trusty sidekick; my notebook.  Each time I found a suitable position to which I wanted to apply, I jotted down the basic information while making a mental note to follow up.
    Having a thorough record of what I had accomplished today was not enough for me.  I wanted another notch in my belt.  I figured I would utilize the beautiful day as best I could; I would embark upon the inevitable “pounding of the pavement,” handing out perhaps the best recorded note of all: my resume.
    A character in a syndicated drama once stated, “You don’t stop being a soldier just because you were wounded in battle.”  I use what some people would call tools but that which I call weapons against my current situation: my mind, my faith, the love from those important to me, my two good feet and my pen and paper.  I found that with emptying my quiver in God and doing my part, I can keep going…you can keep going.

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JJ March 28, 2012 at 01:53 PM
Nice article and funny that you should mention "Soldier" especially since the Army will draw down over 40,000 Troops over the next few years and the Marine Corps 20,000 for the same period. I wonder how the "powers to be" will SPIN those numbers regarding unemployment. Once again, nice article.
Kate Knowles March 28, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Hi, JJ, That's interesting...quite poignant... Thanks for the kind words... keep reading!
Marianna Knowles March 28, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Well done. You made several valid points we could all learn from.


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