Editor's Notebook: Patch Celebrates its 100th Site Launch

Exciting things have happened in the Rivertowns since May, and my team of freelancers and I have thoroughly enjoyed covering them.

Patch launched its 100th site today in Morristown, N.J., a major milestone.

But as editor of the Hastings-Dobbs Ferry Patch, which also proudly serves Irvington, I feel as if we are anything but one in 100.

Just before this site went live in May, I was thinking about what makes our community special. And what came to mind was an experience I'd had a few weeks earlier. A yoga instructor at YogaWorks—who's been helping me overcome shoulder instability for a few months—called a friend, a physical therapist, who specializes in similar issues.

Even though her friend was not then practicing, she came to one of our sessions and showed both of us some new exercises, all of which have been infinitely helpful.

It's little gestures like these that make the Rivertowns truly unique.

Whether it's editing a police blotter full of animal rescue missions or interviewing kids doing truly extraordinary humanitarian work, I am constantly floored by the levels of compassion and worldliness in these small villages. 

However, we're certainly not bereft of controversy either, with community members advocating strongly both for and against lethal control of the local deer population.

But where else might a solution emerge to put the deer on birth control?

And where else might you be invited to a tomato-tasting party or a mass Tweet-up?

Or find an urban-suburban mom willing to share anything you wanted to know about breast-feeding?

Or meet a meditation coach, spiritual healer, hypnotherapist, a church that welcomes atheists...

Or read about a Jehovah's Witness member mistaken for a burglar...

The Rivertowns may not deliver the non-stop breaking news that generally sells newspapers—that's why we chose to live here, right?—but I've thoroughly enjoyed finding out what people are interested in and meeting what seems like endless numbers of interesting people.

So keep me posted about what you're up to and what you think needs more coverage.  

Or post your own calendar events and announcements on the site, send us news tips and feedback or e-mail anything you want recognized to me, Lizzie, at elizabeth@patch.com.

I am also thrilled to meet anyone for coffee in one of the area's fantastic coffee shops.

Log on to Patch.com and you'll find 99 other sites to click on. But I can guarantee each one will deliver a snapshot of a unique and vibrant Patch of life.  

(Though, let's face it, ours is still the best!)

Michelle Garrison-Hough August 17, 2010 at 05:08 PM
Three years ago my husband, infant son and I moved here from NYC. Since then, we have a second son and a lot of new friends. I love waking up to majestic views of the river, attending events at the Waterfront Park, hiking on the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, sending my son to Community Nursery School, enjoying a great variety of restaurants, practicing yoga at Yoga Works and most of all being able to walk into town whenever I like. The Rivertowns have a great balance of small town comforts and urban features too, such as great express train service to the city and lots to do within walking distance of home.
Laura Spear August 17, 2010 at 06:16 PM
As a native of the Rivertowns, I have always felt that our area is indescribably unique to other suburban enclaves in the tri-state area. We're really only a 'stones throw' away from the city, yet this area is hardly a typical example of suburbia. An eclectic variety of people coupled with the stunning expanse of the glorious Hudson River make the Rivertowns indeed quite special. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to Hastings-Dobbs Patch; it's been an enriching experience providing local coverage on my home turf.
Joe Bland August 17, 2010 at 07:16 PM
As a non-resident freelancer for the Rivertowns I can truly say there's something special about these suburbs. The residents and town officials are more than willing to cooperate with Patch and show interest in wanting to read local stories we put together.
Cathy Rich August 18, 2010 at 05:12 AM
Let's hope we can keep Hastings on Hudson the very special village that it has long been. The village cannot afford the corporate mentality that it's current Mayor has brought to the village. What he has displayed thus far as Mayor raise more than a few red flags. Far too much is on the line to allow this man to change the face of this very special rivertown.
Tobi Spino August 18, 2010 at 11:49 AM
As a new member of the Rivertowns, I have come to love and see the amazing balance one can have being as I often write, Urban and Suburban. I was so nervous about the adjustment, making friends and raising my family in an unfamiliar area. Those feeling faded within weeks and I was in awe of these communities that welcomed me with open arms. The family oriented nature of all these wonderful towns, the amazing parks, the cute main streets, and the culture; who would want to live anywhere else? It also doesn't hurt to always feel like you are on vacation while sitting, dining or walking along the water 24/7.


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