Moms Who Rock Around Our Towns: Sleepy Hollow Manor's Naomi Vladeck

Naomi Vladek is founder of Naomi Vladeck College Essay Coaching.

Each week, we're going to share with you a local mom who we think is awesome. We'll ask her some questions and hear about how she manages life with kids in our area. We hope you'll enjoy getting to know some of our neighbors.

Naomi Vladeck founded Naomi Vladeck College Essay Coaching in 2011. She lives in Sleepy Hollow Manor with her husband, Eric R. Putter and their children Sophie (6) and Levi (4). She write about college essay writing in a Blog for the Patch. Her website is under construction and will launch at the end of this month.

 1. How do you balance being a mom and working?

Naomi thinks of the word "surrender" when it comes to parenting. And, she says, like many moms, she practices "a lot of deep breathing." She tries to approach "motherhood as a dance" and understands that she may need to mix it up to stay in balance. 

She has a flexible work schedule that allows her to spend two full days at home with her son and enjoys when her daughter arrives home and they all can "hang out on the carpet and listen to music, dance and play."

Naomi committed to honoring two values before having her kids, "self-care and learning." She adds, "If I'm doing both of those things with some regularity, I'm doing great."

 2. We think your business is a great idea and  would love to hear more about it.

Before her daughter was born, Naomi left her position as the Director of Development and Planning at a performing arts venue in New York City. Since then, she has worked as a life-coach for artists and has "enjoyed writing workshops at our amazing Hudson Valley Writers Center, Stone Barns, and with the Wild Geese Writers in Dobbs Ferry."   

After her father passed way almost four years ago, she started to explore what she could do with her coaching and writing together. She was able to try out some of her ideas at her high school alma mater - The Rockland Country Day School -across the river in Congers.  

Naomi led a workshop for juniors in high school and then was asked to lead another worksop on college essay at the Warner Library. She also started workshops at the new W@atercooler in Tarrytown. In the spring, she'll offer workshops for juniors at the W@tercooler, Warner Library and at Irvington High School.  Her blog will resume this month with a message for high school juniors beginning their college essay process.

 3. When you find time for yourself, what do you enjoy doing locally?

Naomi likes to write or run on the Rockefeller State Park Preserve trails. She also takes a retreat yearly at the OMEGA institute in Rhinebeck "to refuel and reflect and try something" she's never done before.

Naomi knows that she  thrives when she is "connected to other women in writing workshops,  yoga class at Lotus on Main, working out at the JCC on the Hudson or at the local playgrounds sharing stories and supporting each other."

 4. What are some of your top things to do around Westchester with your family

Naomi's husband loves to cook and she enjoys being outside, so together, they spend time at Stone Barns participating in their events. In fact, her daughter "ate her first radish right out of the ground there when she was 3!" This family also are members of the Historic Hudson Valley and enjoys the activities that these locales put on for the public. 

Naomi also takes her son and to visit the Tarrytown Fire Department weekly, if not more, enjoys pizza nearby and also a stop in at "Coffee Labs at some point in the week for monkey muffins!"

 5. What is your favorite thing about living in this area?

Naomi is a self-described planner and when she was pregnant with her first child, she says she sat at her desk and put together her "vision for the next 5 years which - in addition to self-care and learning - included living in walking distance to an artsy town and a trail system.  Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown gave me all of those things, in spades!"

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TalkingtheTalk&NotTheWalkOnTheHudson July 27, 2012 at 11:48 PM
The question is not, where have all the true artists and creative people gone, whom used to inhabit the rivertowns? It's really, where are all the "authentic" human beings? There are few real artists and or truly creative/authentic people left in the rivertowns, but if you are looking for them at 'Open Canvas' you're not going to find them, that's for certain. The very last thing any truly creative person/artist is going to do is PAY to commune with other "creative" people under the guise of "actualizing their true selves." That quote alone is fodder for a Saturday Night Live Sketch. True artists have single visions, if they collaborate it's on their own terms, if they need inspiration they find it through their own process which often is simply a chance encounter, with a dog, a busboy, a breeze, a curb, you fill in the blank. If a writer is blocked or a painter is in pain, the very last thing they are gong to do is pay to be grouped with a bunch of housewives with too much time on their hands who love to bandy about the word "art" and to whom everything is "creative." This is my favorite. “We want to overcome artistic obstacles but in a really creative, artistic way.” Someone has a real talent for comedy. Pain exists, it is part of the process, not only in art but in life itself. It's very fitting this ridiculous self involved b.s. is being held in Hastings.
naomi vladeck July 29, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Thank you for your comment. It's misplaced here, perhaps you want to post it below the recent article if you want it to be heard.
Guy S. Miley July 29, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Says the loner who broods in dark moods and stomps on flowers. Authentic artists are not limited to fearful iconoclasts, struggling for their craft in painful isolation. You've deftly missed the point entirely. And you'll be missing all the fun.


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