Sprain Lake Should Be Open to Boaters

Sprain Lake should be open for boaters

Every time I drive past Sprain Lake (on the border of Hastings/Yonkers/Greenburgh) I think about missed opportunities.

Westchester County should authorize boaters to launch boats on Sprain Lake for recreational purposes. There are possible launching areas at the lake that would not interfere with golfers who enjoy golfing at Sprain Lake Golf Course.

Currently, the only other lower Westchester County place to row is on Glen Island and the course is almost full to capacity.  The NYAC, Pelham Community Rowing Association, Iona College, Pelham H.S., Riverdale H.S. and various other individuals are all using this site.  It is essential that another site be opened for these booming water sports.  Rowing and kayaking provide a tremendous opportunity for high school kids to participate in sports, and may even help them acquire college scholarships. It would be great for the Greenburgh and Yonkers High Schools to be able to start programs for their students.

There has also been an incredible surge in Masters rowing programs. Many are returning to the sport they loved in college, and many more first time rowers are experiencing the joy of being on the water and improving their health through the great cardiovascular benefits of rowing.  

Photos have been submitted to the county regarding possible launch sites for boats..  These site are at the northern end of the golf course and do not in any way interfere with the golfers. There is also plenty of land that would be suitable to erect a temporary fenced in area to store boats for a trial use of the water.  If all goes well and the community embraces the use of the lake, a permanent structure could be built for the storage of the boats.

There are several colleges in the area that are also looking for a better site to row.  They may be able to assist with the installation of the fenced in area and help provide equipment for the high school programs to use to get started.  This could be a revenue generator for the county.

We have an asset that is not being taken advantage of by Westchester residents. We can enhance the quality of life for many people if we open up the lake to boating. 

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Boatcat May 17, 2011 at 12:35 AM
and Most schools are cutting back on sports so what high school is going to add rowing??
Pullsnopunches May 17, 2011 at 09:02 PM
Paul is a idiot who loves to divert attention away from the fact he is a horrible head of the Town and can't control taxes. He instead wants everyone to ignore what is obvious and look at his tricks. Deal with your OWN town and stop looking at Yonkers or Fire DIstricts or the STATE or COUNTY.....you SUCk as a supervisor and people need to vote you out! Stop kazoo now!
Heron May 17, 2011 at 09:55 PM
I think Paul Feiner is great. This isn't the only reason I like him but when my daughter was in high school, he visited her government class and talked to the kids -- they still talk about how much they liked him and how funny he was.
Heron May 18, 2011 at 12:19 AM
Another reason I like Paul Feiner: I work with a woman who calls his office and complains about everything under the sun. He actually calls her back and listens to her.
John J Colombo February 03, 2013 at 09:21 PM
Hey I grew up there and always had to sneak in to go fishing and enjoy nature and catch turtles and frogs, we were banned and hounded so much for enjoying these clean activities and I had to sneak around so much that I became traumatized and eventually grew up to become a criminal. Now you want to open Sprain Lake up for every sunnuvabitch in the country? Screw you.


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