Dobbs Ferry Police Beat: Woman Runs Out of Car, Falls Off Porch

A rundown of Dobbs Ferry Police Department's work over the last week.

For the standout mental image of the week:

On March 25, a resident of Sandrock Avenue reported that a boyfriend and girlfriend appeared to have been having a dispute in their car parked near her home. The caller said that the woman, 21, had fled from the vehicle and run onto her porch...and then proceeded to fall off the porch. Police arrived on the scene—ascertaining that the Yonkers woman was intoxicated—but not badly hurt from her tumble. She was taken via ambulance to the Westchester Medical Center complaining of back pain. The 27-year-old male drove away.

March 27:

  • Police received a call from Children's Village saying that there had been a fight in Bradish Cottage, a residential building on the campus. According to the 46-year-old victim, a 16-year-old male—who was refusing to get ready for bed—allegedly walked up and struck the employee in the right side of his face. Police said the man had no visible injuries, but they are still investigating this case as possible physical harassment.

March 28:

  • A 49-year-old Brooklyn man was arrested for allegedly violating an order of protection assigned to his ex-wife, a Dobbs Ferry resident. The order was served on March 9, but police said they had been receiving reports from the woman of email contact from the man beginning on March 13. Christopher Basile was apprehended at his Brooklyn residence on the morning of March 28 and charged with Criminal Contempt in the second degree, an A misdemeanor. He was released on $50,000 bail.
  • At noon, police received a call about a physical altercation in the cafeteria. According to reports, a 22 year-old man eating lunch with his girlfriend was approached by the young woman's former employer, a 35-year-old male, who proceeded to verbally harass her. When the boyfriend "gallantly stepped in,  the former employer allegedly shoved him back," said Dobbs Ferry Sgt. Martin Coster. There were no serious injuries and no arrests made. This is still being investigated as possible harassment.

March 29:

  • Police received a call from aemployee saying that they had a shoplifter in custody. According to grocery store staff, the woman had been seen putting items into her purse, and then walking past the registers and out the front door. She was stopped in the parking lot, where it was discovered that she's pilfered a bottle of hair care product, a bottle of Asprin and baby formula. Elsa Morales, 53, of Providence, RI was charged with Petit Larceny and issued a summons to return to court on April 5. 

March 30:

  • A resident reported the larceny of a black leather wallet from Jay's Wash & Dry on Main Street between 7:30 and 8 a.m. The man said that he'd left his wallet on a washing machine as he loaded his clothes. The man realized the wallet was missing at around noon. Upon returning to the laundromat, he said it was gone. The wallet contained: $20 cash, a Visa credit card and a debit card. 

March 31:

  • Four male teenagers from were arrested for allegedly locking a a 15-year-old male in the bathroom of Bradish Cottage and continually punching him for around three minutes. The incident occurred at around 10 p.m. on March 30. After a short investigation, police arrested two juveniles and two adults—one 16 year old, one 18 year old and two 14 year olds—for assault in the third degree, an A misdemeanor. The youths were also charged with juvenile delinquency. The 14-year-old residents were released to CV to return to Family Court at a later date. The adults were taken to police headquarters, where they spent the night, before being arraigned in Dobbs Ferry Village Court the next morning. Police have no context for the fight. The victim suffered bruising and swelling to the right eye, which was treated by Children's Village staff.

April 1:

  • A 50-year-old who resides on campus reported that someone stole his red Schwinn bicycle after he'd left it unattended for five minutes. The man said he saw a teenager riding it off campus. Police arrived, apprehending a 16-year-old Children's Village resident with the bicycle on Dassern Drive. The suspect was arrested for possession of stolen property and released back to Children's Village.



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