Hastings Police Beat: Racial Slur Etched in Snow, School Staff Member Accused of Hurting Teen

A look at Hastings police activity during the last week.

Jan 21:

  • A caller reported that a racial slur was written in the snow beside a parked car on Calmet Avenue. The caller said she took a picture of the word, and police also went to the scene, confirming the bias incident and taking their own photographs. According to Hastings' Lt. David Dosin, he will have to submit this formally to the state as a bias incident. 

Jan 22:

  • A woman on Washington Avenue called 911 to report that her boyfriend had taken her keys and "internet connection"—which police believe to mean her wireless card. Advised of her options, the woman declined filing criminal charges. 
  • Another Washington Ae. caller complained that her driveway was blocked by a 1999 Jeep. When police arrived at her address, they discovered the vehicle's registration had been suspended and had the car towed to Giampiccolo Auto Body. 

Jan. 23:

  • A West Main Street resident said $300 to $400 had gone missing from her son's closet. A patrol officer was sent to the apartment for an official report, determining that there had been no forced entry to the residence. The homeowner then called back later that day to say another $150 was missing. The total amount believed to have been stolen is $550, though police did not classify the case as a burglary since it did not appear as if anyone had broken in.
  • During the late afternoon, a staff member came to headquarters to turn over some marijuana found on campus. 
  • A Clunie Avenue resident reported hearing gun shots on Farragut Parkway. Police went to check it out, but turned up nothing.

Jan 24:

  • A resident reported smelling gas at the intersection of Villard and Broadway. Hastings fire chiefs and Con Ed responded, and officials reported a reading of gas emanating from the sewer cap. Con Edison arrived and classified the case as a "low priority" gas leak. Police could not say when they intended to fix it.
  • A cell phone caller said she'd seen an "elderly female walking up Broawday picking up bottles and is in a dangerous position of being hit." Police located the woman, determining that she was a Dobbs Ferry resident on her way home. No further action was taken. 
  • A Graham School employee requested assistance from police for an altercation between a 14-year-old student and 49-year-old staff member, both males. Police were unable to locate the staff member when they arrived. The student allegedly sustained injuries to his neck, so he and his mother were directed to police headquarters to file a deposition. Police are still investigating this case and have made no arrests.

Jan 25:

  • Just after midnight, a caller reported that at 10:30 p.m. on the 24th, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs to her residence. She remembered the time, she said, "because it was during the rebuttal time after the President's "State of the Union" Address. (Rebuttal time? Wonder which network she was watching...) The woman said she looked outside and did not see anyone out there; police advised her not to hesitate to call again if a similar incident occurred. 
  • Another small amount of pot was turned over to police from Graham School. 
  • A 16-year-old female Graham School student was arrested and charged with harassment for allegedly attempting to strike and successfully scratching a 34-year-old female staff member. The incident occurred on Jan. 20; it was reported to police on Jan. 21 and the arrest was made on Jan 25. The youth was arraigned and transported to Westchester County Jail in Valhalla on $500 bail.
  • After a long investigation, a 23-year-old Dobbs Ferry resident was arrested for alleged property damage that occurred during a fight on Dec. 24 in the Bolinger parking lot. Arthur Cavellero was charged with criminal mischief for allegedly kicking and breaking the door to 544 Warburton Avenue. Though many others were involved in the drunken altercation, no others were charged because police do not believe they damaged any property. 
  • A Villard Avenue resident reported a possible break-in to his residence. However, it turned out that emergency response officials had needed to gain entry to his home to delal with the potential gas leak reported earlier in the week. 

Note: Police beat does not include all police activity in Hastings during the listed dates. 

crimes are funny January 30, 2012 at 10:55 AM
What happened to the jokes? I miss that tremendous editorial concept of yours to inject comedy into the police blotter, it fit Patch to a T
Lizzie Hedrick January 30, 2012 at 11:17 AM
Some things aren't funny...like racism, alleged child abuse.
Lizzie Hedrick January 30, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Whereas other police news can still be funny. http://patch.com/A-q4rD


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