NY Medical College Employees Allegedly Stole, Sold Materials

The following is from Westchester County Police. It does not indicate a conviction.

Westchester County Police have arrested seven New York Medical College employees and charged them with swiping metal materials from the campus and selling them as scrap to a local recycling company.

The men, arrested Wednesday and Thursday, are facing charges of grand larceny in the third degree and criminal possession of stolen property in the third degree. Both counts are felonies; bail was set at $10,000 by Mount Pleasant Town Court.

Police said the arrest of a college employee could follow.

The thefts occurred at the Valhalla campus over the course of about four years and totalled around $37,000, authorities said. Among the items stolen were steel cages, copper wire and plumbing parts.

The arrests are the result of a police investigation and tips from college officials.

The suspects

  • Hans Krauter, 71, of Saxon Drive, Valhalla
  • Markos Lyras, 36, of Harding Avenue, Bronx
  • Luis Rodriguez, 28, of Depeyster Street, Sleepy Hollow
  • John Cobb, 56, of Tanglewylde Road, Lake Peekskill
  • Philip Carmosino, 46, of Mountain Top Road, Stormville
  • John Coletti, 48, of Morgan Drive, Carmel
  • Phillip Flemister, 49, of Main Street, Mohegan Lake
1982 May 27, 2012 at 04:44 PM
It's sad how some get pleasure by making fun of people we don't even know. It's even sadder when we sit on our couches and make unfounded conclusions about their character, lives just by looking at a lineup. Instead of being so negative, why don't we take a moment to think of our own mistakes. Let's be more human and compassionate. Let's be a tad less evil and unforgiving. Yes, they all have been arrested for an alleged crime, but we don't know the facts. Most importantly, we have never crossed paths with them to know if they are serial killers, or the best husbands, fathers, brothers, friends or neighbors. Shame on us for being so judgmental of others. Copperrod, TTH, and AThingOfBeuty let's invest all our thoughts in hoping that these individuals learn from their mistakes and are able to get a second chance in this unforgiving and judging society.
Lissaneth paniagua July 30, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Are you talking about not knowing who this person is actually . The bald as you call Mister Rodriguez if you research your history from childhood to today to really know the kind of man he is Honoree good father and good son, good brother, good husband who mistakenly ah now been involved in this situation. Who are you to be judging? Everything is put into the hand of divine justice also of this world! I hope when you see the innocence of this person. I do not understand how dare you judge someone without knowing about him!
Doris Cabreja August 02, 2012 at 02:47 AM
How dare you be talking about ambition knowing the type of person who is Luis Rodriguez if all you have achieved it through his efforts and hard work
Yolanda De Jesus August 20, 2012 at 07:04 PM
Yolanda De Jesús yo también conozco personalmente al Señor Luis Rodríguez, puedo decir que es un excelente ser humano, muy humanitario, solidario, comprometido con su familia, responsable. jamas podría tomar lo que no es suyo; espero se haga justicia y encuentren a los verdadero responsables de este delito. seria muy fácil juzgar a los inocentes y dejar sin culpa alguna a los verdaderos culpables. "La misericordia y la verdad se encontraron. La justicia y la paz se besaron. La verdad brotará de la tierra, y la justicia mirará desde los cielos".


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