Unusual Suspects: Bloody TV; Metal Stolen, Sold; Mom Arrested at Daughter's Birthday Party

Recent weird and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley. Reports do not indicate convictions.

A person walking the path of the  property, the organization that maintains the Rockefeller Estate, on Sleepy Hollow Road spotted something unusual -- a TV with blood on it. The TV was placed on Rockefeller land under a corner of a bridge by the footpath, said Sleepy Hollow police; the placement raised suspicion. The item is being investigated and the blood is at a lab. 

Harrison police arrested a woman who was celebrating her daughter's birthday after responding to a domestic dispute call. When they arrived at the woman's home, they learned that the woman was yelling because she thought someone was going to drive home drunk. Police took the woman to headquarters where she allegedly urinated on the floor in an act of rebellion. 

A employee of the Helen and Michael Schaffer Extended Care Center in New Rochelle chased down a 61-year-old man who allegedly stole a purse from her co-worker. The woman was aided by bystanders who helped corner the man. 

Seven New York Medical College employees have been arrested and charged with stealing metal materials from the campus and selling them as scrap to a local recycling company over the course of four years. The materials were valued at approximatley $37,000.


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