[UPDATE] Locals Ask to Stop Suffern Gun Show Next Year [VIDEO]

The show is March 2-3 at the Crowne Plaza

Updated Editor's Note: The gun show originally scheduled for March 2 and 3 at the Crown Plaza Suffern was cancelled today. 

The hotel issued the following comment on Wednesday about its decision to cancel the show.

"Our entire nation is mourning the senseless murders of 26 children and teachers last Friday in Newtown, Ct.," said Joshua Goldstein, the General Partner of Empire Executive LLC, which owns the The Crowne Plaza Suffern. "In the wake of this horrific event, our organization has decided that we do not want to be associated with gun shows. A loophole in New York State's gun control law that allows private dealers to sell firearms without conducting background checks must be eliminated. We informed the promoter yesterday that we were no longer willing to host the event."

When New City’s Jack Borowsky stood before the Rockland County Legislature during the public comment portion of Tuesday’s meeting, he warned the legislators he wasn’t a good public speaker. What followed was a passionate speech where Borowsky talked about the recent elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT, while fighting back tears. Then, Borowsky got angry. He asked the legislators to stop a gun show from coming to Suffern March 2-3 next year at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

“We need to send them a letter tonight saying that even though you have the right to do this, we don’t want you,” he said. “This is no the time. This is not the place. This is our community.”

Earlier this week, Westchester officials opted to not bring the Sportsmen Firearm and Knife Show back to the County Center in White Plains come 2013.

The Suffern show is being organized by Big Al’s Gun and Premiere Knife Shows. According to Big Al’s website, shows for next year in Danbury, CT, and Poughkeepsie are canceled, but no reason is given.

Chairwoman of the Legislature Harriet Cornell and Legislator Aney Paul both told Borowsky to come to the next Public Safety Committee meeting to discuss the issue further. Neither knew if there was anything the county could do to stop the show from coming to Suffern.

Paul said she was going to look into the county’s options before the meeting.

Anthony Mele December 23, 2012 at 06:34 PM
The rhetoric is unreasonable and proposals are misguided. No one has made a solid suggestion about how to achieve security and protection for the unprotected. This virulent hatred that is agenda driven is the greater danger. Phobias and self induced anxiety are not how rationale decisions are made and clearly not how legislation should be crafted. Matter of fact the video here is a text book example of phobia, anxiety, misguided objectives, and disinformation. The gentleman demands the government use their onerous powers to the point of abuse and obstruct legal commerce, where just one valium can do the job more effectively.
Son of Liberty December 23, 2012 at 06:55 PM
go on lohud.com Front page, in the newspaper too. Incredible. Treating legal handgun owners like pedophiles.
Son of Liberty December 23, 2012 at 07:28 PM
http://www.lohud.com/interactive/article/20121223/NEWS01/121221011/Map-Where-gun-permits-your-neighborhood- you can zoom all the way in to specific addresses and view names Crazy!
Anthony Mele December 23, 2012 at 08:32 PM
I am encouraged to see so many of my neighbors are armed. Now, since no one else has even thought about taking responsibility should a home owner be specifically targeted by criminals in an attempt to steal their firearms, thhey will be obliged to respond using deadly force. Why? Because now the home-owner must conclude that a criminal who is not deterred by the fact their is a gun owner at this home, can only mean they are not their to steal silverware or TVs. The gun -owner has an added responsibility to take all measures that their firearms do not fall into the hands of such miscreants. Beside the natural precautions, they cannot permit themselves to fall hostage in trade for access to their firearms locks. Special consideration and even dispensation will have to be granted to them, if the intruder is killed. If the homeowner is killed or injured; then LOHUD becomes as much as an accomplice to the crime as the perpetrator. It is as if they put out an ad to jewel thieves listing the names and addresses of diamonds and cash. Before you say a criminal will request a FOIA to target his victim, consider they will also leave an evidence trail.
Son of Liberty December 23, 2012 at 09:40 PM
They don't have to FOIL it. It's already posted by the Journal News. All they need is a computer and and internet connection. This was a very bad decision on their part. Anyway, the castle rule always applies. If someone breaks the threshold into your home, you do whatever you have to do in order to protect you and yours.


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