Sorry to Bring Up Monday, But Remember, Bridge Ramp is Closing

A major step in the construction of the new bridge comes next week.

Photo Credit: Carlos Gonzalez
Photo Credit: Carlos Gonzalez
Here's your friendly reminder of something not-so-great, sorry:

As many of you might already know from alerts or via earlier news reports, the entrance ramp to the Tappan Zee Bridge from South Broadway in Tarrytown is closing until 2018 starting Monday at 10 a.m.

Yes, that's until 2018—the expected duration of construction for the $3.9 billion replacement span.

It was a traffic nightmare the last time it closed, briefly in December, but transportation officials said the closure wasn't the main cause for the epic tie-ups. (Khurram Saeed writes in more detail about this on LoHud.com.)

More from the state:

"Motorists who wish to travel northbound or westbound on the Thruway will be directed to bear right immediately after the closed ramp, onto what is referred to as the “jughandle” for Route 119. Motorists will proceed approximately 0.2 miles east on Route 119, turning right onto the I-87 northbound/I-287 westbound entrance ramp."

Signs will direct drivers away from congested areas.

How do you think it will go? 
Jeanne March 06, 2014 at 11:44 PM
How do I think it will go ? Not well. Local businesses will suffer. people who commute over the TZ will be inconvenienced. People already sitting on 287 waiting to get onto the bridge will have to wait longer to do so. Emergency vehicles that need to get onto the bridge will also have to wait longer to do so. For the next five years. Other than that, it should be just swell.


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