Comic Relief: Coast Guard Reports Unknown Substance in River 'Just Sunlight'

Physics causes alarm in Irvington.

  • Editor's note: I'm fully aware that this is not 'news,' but it cracked me up. So I'm posting it as a Thursday pick-me-up.  If you're looking for hard news, read the rest of the blotter later tonight or on Friday.

On April 2, a man sitting by the bank of the Hudson River in Irvington was alarmed to see a "discoloration with a blue-ish hue in the middle of the river," said Irvington's Sgt. Michael Buck. "And like any concerned citizen, he called the police to express his concern."

An Irvington police officer confirmed the odd discoloration and alerted the Coast Guard, who reported to the scene only to find that the "unknown substance" was just sunlight.

According to Irvington Sgt. Andrew Bessinger's detailed report, "Wind created a current allowing light to flow through the water in one specific spot. This created the alleged discoloration."

That's it. Physics. 

Paddy Steinschneider April 05, 2012 at 09:41 PM
There is nothing in your report that connects the discoloration to either the proposed developments at Mercy College or at Rivertowns Square. While Mercy is near the River, making it easy to connect to such events, don't forget: Rivertowns Square is near the Saw Mill River and the Saw Mill is tributary to the Hudson. I am sure there are some who can connect this alarming discoloration in the River to one or both of these development projects. It could possibly also be related to the assisted care facility proposed in Irvington, although that project is not quite as far along as the other two. Thank goodness that the Inn wasn't built at Broadway and Ashford in Dobbs Ferry. Just imagine how that would have affected sunlight hitting the water. If only the DEIS process could be more thorough.
Lizzie Hedrick April 05, 2012 at 11:02 PM


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