2 'Lost Boys' From Sudan to Speak Today in Hastings

Attend a special speaking engagement this afternoon in Hastings.

Sebastian Maroundit and Mathon Noi, two of the 'Lost Boys from the Sudan,' will present their story and plans to build schools in war-torn South Sudan today in Hastings.

Cousins, Maroundit and Noi were part of the Lost Boys who were resettled in the United States during the 1990’s.  Today, they are committed to helping rebuild schools in their home country of South Sudan.  If you have not heard of the Lost Boys, event organizers believe you will be moved by their story and their passionate commitment to rebuilding their country.

Read more about the Lost Boys of Sudan here.

The cousins will talk about their experiences and plans on Saturday, Nov. 19,  at 2 p.m. at the Hastings-on-Hudson Public Library (located at 74 Maple Avenue).

To learn more about Sebastian’s and Mathon’s efforts to build schools in their native land, visit their website, www.buildingmindsinsudan.org.



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